.              J.U.N.EXPRESS CO.,LTD.  The company has improved technology and efficiency in processing along with personnel development continuously. The company has presumed every employee as the valuable resource and it is very serious considered to develop them both in knowledge and welfare together with the growth of the company. All of these will lead to the collaboration between the company and the employees to generate more efficient production standard.  According to the persistent intension, the company had considered to improve a better welfare for them to adhere to the rules and guidelines for their use of welfare accurately with maximum benefits.

” Customer satisfaction is our most effective achievement. “

– Produce the products with the standard that meets the customers’ expectations with a punctual delivery

– Develop and improve every system that can contribute in the highest quality products.

– Develop and improve our personals so that they will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and expertise so as to optimize their maximum potential.

-Promote good attitudes among employees towards the organization.

– Promote social responsibility.