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Sustainable Forest Management Management Plan


Management Objectives

Sustainable forest management With the objective of avoiding illegal use of wood or wood. That has not been accepted and wood products are wood from natural forests, creating a system for certifying.  Rubber Wood and Rubber Wood Products In order to guarantee. That the wood comes from the rubber plantation plots that are properly managed according to the academic principles. Which is accepted in the international system in the economy. Social and Environmental aspects By adhering to the main principle is the legitimacy of the country in which the forest is located. The right to use land on that forest. The rights of the indigenous people in the forest and the best use of the forest And to meet the needs of customers on a global scale.

Description Of Forest Resources In Management

Collection and survey of biodiversity, vegetation and wildlife data in the area for the conservation of forest biodiversity And produce a report on the survey of biodiversity, vegetation and wildlife. Within the conservation area of ​​the target forest plantation project By participation of the forest plantation farmers And local communities In the planning of the management of biodiversity. Conservation and the development of community use in order to raise.  Awareness and appreciate the importance of biodiversity resources as well as to gather basic information for forest plantation management.

Cycle and harvesting system

Rubber plantations,farmers groups participating in the sustainable forest management program of the company. J.U.N.Express Company Limited, located in the Province The area has a variety of terrain. With mountainous terrain, about 40% of the entire province has Phuket mountains stretching along the north, south of the province area Such topography causes 14 major watersheds, including the major watersheds, Tapi Phum Basin, Duang Tha Thong, Tha Chai Tha Chai, Tha Chang Pier, etc. All rivers in the province flow into the Gulf of Thailand on the east.  And is a rubber plantation with ownership of the land that is held and has continuously grown rubber. There are a variety of different ages of rubber plantations. There are various types of plants.

Annual Harvest Rate And Selected Species

Selection of rubber species To be planted, J.U.N.Express Company Limited clearly divided the species. Both rubber species for latex production For the production of latex and wood For the production of wood, etc. The company will have the criteria and reasons for determining the round of rubber wood cutting. Of the forest plantation farmers, for example, when the rubber plantation park is over 20 years old. The wood processing system used is the cut cut system.

Tracking The Growth and Change Of Forests.

Examination for evaluating performance and job improvement The plan is an important process in finding, examining, reviewing, controlling and improving the process to ensure continuous improvement for the J.U.N.Express Group Company can have an effective management system. Therefore, sustainable forest management . Must pay attention to forest management on all three sides at all times . Therefore evaluating the performance and monitoring regularly.

Environmental Protection From Environmental Assessment.

The forest area is a documentary area of ​​farmers. No hunting in the park area. J.U.N.Express Company Limited does not have an impact on the ecosystem. And keeping the conservation area in its original condition is one way of managing natural resources. That makes economic, social and ecological benefits point out that area management. With both forest plantation areas and the natural forest area of ​​J.U.N.Express Co., Ltd. can create balance in the area.

Location of forest resources Action plan, Management activities and land holding.

Rubber Plantation Farmers Group, Which is involved in the sustainable forest management program of J.U.N.Express Company Limited, located in Surat Thani and  Krabi provinces, including Kanchanadit District, Khian Sa District, Chai Buri District, Tha Chang District, Ban Na Doem District, Phrasaeng District, Phunphin District Vibhavadi and Krabi provinces, including Khao Phanom District, which has a diverse landscape with a mountainous landscape About 40% of all provinces have mountains, extending to the north, south of the province. The topography causes 14 major watersheds, including important watersheds, Tapi Basin. All rivers in the province flow into the eastern Gulf of Thailand.

Description and reasoning in harvesting methods and equipment used.

Subversion of the rubber wood will proceed to knock down all rubber trees. (Clear tapping) to prepare the planting area after making rubber wood By hiring contractors in the area And people near the area of ​​J.U.N.Express Company Limited. The operation must not affect the nearby rubber trees. Creek area, public road And other areas to have the smallest. Rubber tree next to the side road and other plots will use the wheel of the tractor and wire rope to pull. The tire down in the desired direction to prevent damage.