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Furniture department

…………… Branch 00001 (Ban Na Doem) located at  145   MOO 3   KUANSUBUN,   BANNASAN   SURATTHANI  84240  THAILAND  is a branch of the company. J.U.N. Express Co., Ltd., Establishes a business regarding the purchase of rubber wood. In addition, the branch 00001 Also produces furniture parts for foreign countries as well. Manufacturing of furniture parts Or the production of branch furniture 00001 has increased production capacity every year because the company Focus on production. Work processes that are primarily concerned with the production of effective products delivered to customers. to customer details The quality that customers receive must be good quality products. To allow customers to come back to our customers.



Preparation of raw materials          Manufacturing           Check products           Packing             Export


Raw material preparation steps It is an important first step. Sorting is a good preparation. Must have a good working process Focus on giving priority


Good manufacturing processes must be used by employees who are proficient in producing quality products that are beautiful and meet the needs of customers primarily.


Attention to detail in the components of furniture parts is something . that we always consider to allow customers to receive satisfied products.  Meets the needs of customers.


Packing is one of the good manufacturing processes. The packing of products by the company Will also focus on other processes as well Because of good packing Good packing Make the product to the customers safely. Does not damage the product This is one thing that makes customers impressed.


Furniture products produced the company will mainly focus on quality. The price that is satisfied to the customer, strength, durability, use in many forms. Well, the site is primarily modern.