FSC-COC Processing Plant (BV-COC-139102)

FSC-COC Processing Plant (BV-COC-139102)2020-01-27T09:41:00+00:00



                      J.U.N.Express Company Limited  has a policy of promoting. Employment from local communities or nearby forest parks. And foreign workers from neighboring countries (Myanmar). Who have legal work permitting such as recruiting foreign workers (Burmese workers), Health insurance and accidents, etc. term sustainability forever by adhering to three important elements : economic and environmental aspects.

J.U.N.Express Co., Ltd. has a policy to promote participation and cooperation. With the community in the information and management of forest parks. That contribute to the environmental, social and economic benefits of Suan Pa in rubber plantation. Such as forest plantation, rubber plantation, rubber plantation Rubber wood processing to be utilized according to academic principles. With the objective of processing rubber wood and using rubber From rubber wood to achieve the highest efficiency.

Located (Sustainable Forest Management)  :  35/3   MOO 4   SAKHU,  PRASANG,  SURATTHANI  84210  THAILAND     Tel. 66 7731 0108     Fax. 66 7792 6105     E-mail  :  J.U.N.EXPRESS@hotmail.co.th

PRODUCT   [ J.U.N. EXPRESS  Product Certificate Code BV-COC-139102 ]

Commitment to follow the principles and The standard for sustainable forest management.

J.U.N.Express Company Limited is committed to complying with the principles and standards of sustainable forest management, focusing on customer needs and emphasizing product quality. From the process in the garden of the forest, the form and quality of transportation. That has been accepted by customers and every production process is based on Environmentally friendly, safe, certified in the form of sustainable forest management, which will not harm customers who receive products, including quality services to meet the needs. The best of customers and the delivery of products to customers at the desired time in order for the customer to be impressed and satisfied with the resulting product Confidence with the company as well.

Excellent wood that has been selected qualified according to factory standards.

  • Not stick to the bark
  • Not decayed or broken
  • Not rotten
  • No tree core
  • Clean white wood
  • No bad smell
  • No wood grain
  • No chemical additives on

W5.2 Solid wood boards

W5.8 Slabs end edgings